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It’s not surprising, then, that some of them got into hot water: de la Mare was imprisoned as a result of his work.The powerful soon tried to make sure that their preferred candidate was elected Speaker.

It was frequently because the king needed to be in the north to deal with a crisis in England’s relationship with Scotland, or with unruly barons on the country’s northern border.But even then, there was so much opposition from within parliament that the government tried to claim that MPs would only receive an ‘allowance’ for expenses, rather than a salary.In the Middle Ages, parliament would usually be summoned to come to where the king expected to be – which wasn’t always at his big palace at Westminster.Dr Paul Seaward and Dr Emma Peplow from the History of Parliament Trust reveal nine things you probably didn't know about the houses of parliament – from England’s 'first parliament' to the hot topic of MPs' pay and expenses…– the spokesperson for the House of Commons, whose job it was to tell the king and the lords (the most powerful people after the king) what the Commons thought of them and their proposals.

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    If you are asked to produce a record to a third party and you have the consent of the patient, you may consider the following guidelines to ensure proper action has been taken to cooperate while still honoring your patient’s privacy: • Review the request for completeness and validity.