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Mr Jacobs helpfully set out in his skeleton the evidence the Immigration Judge accepted as credible.

No challenge is raised to his findings in respect of the appellant’s claim.

Since it is accepted by the respondent for the purposes of this appeal, that the appellant has indeed converted to the Christian faith, I shall not deal with the questions and answers in any detail.

He first arrived in the United Kingdom on 7 February 2000 on board an aeroplane which had been hijacked the previous day.

The established facts therefore are as follows:(i) that a number of fellow Afghan asylum seekers who lived in the appellant’s house became aware that the appellant was attending church and Christian meetings;(ii) that the appellant was threatened by a number of Afghan men, in particular YM and NJK.

These men live in the same part of Afghanistan as the appellant and know him well.(iii) YM and NJK threatened to kill the appellant and force him to stop attending Christian meetings.(iv) YM and NJK spread rumours concerning the appellant throughout the Afghan community.(v) The appellant is easily recognisable as he walks with a prominent stoop.(vi) As a result of the threats the appellant ceased attending the group due to safety fears.(vii) The appellant resumed attending church bible study meetings and services after May 2004 through the assistance of Dr and Mrs Freeman.(viii) YM and NJK returned to Afghanistan.

In that decision the Tribunal concluded that on the objective evidence before it, which it carefully analysed, that it had not been shown that Christians, including Muslims who had converted to Christianity, were at real risk of persecution or Article 3 ill-treatment in Kabul.

The objective evidence before the Tribunal at that time showed there was an absence of anecdotal evidence about the problems faced by apostates.

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