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Then they try missionary, with pillows under Emma’s ass and her legs up on Elizabeth’s shoulders for deeper penetration.As she is screwed rhythmically, Emma reaches down to tease her own clit, and the two girls make out through their pantyhose.Of course, sexy Cindy is happy to use the hands-on approach when it comes to teaching a new skill!

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Her harness is also visible through the mesh, as she jacks the realistically shaped black-latex mock cock.

Keep the socks and shoes on until the leather cools.

Test out the shoes without socks, and repeat if necessary until they’re comfortable.

Suzi lies back in Cindy’s lap and Francys tugs down her panties and licks her pussy, with Cindy spreading her lips open to expose her clit.

Francys teases Suzi’s tight asshole with her finger, gradually easing it inside as she eats her juiced-up pussy.

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