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Hours after the ban took effect on Monday there was confusion and long queues at supermarkets where shoppers were forced to carry goods in boxes or in their arms as the piles of plastic bags that used to hang at the end of checkout counters disappeared overnight.

Some Kenyans took to social media sites to complain of overzealous police stopping vehicles in downtown Nairobi and searching them for plastic bags and, they alleged, bribes.

Children will usually be in a school uniform and sitting at rough wooden desks.

Generally, there are about 25 students in a class, a decent teacher-to-student ratio, but the tiny rooms always seem crowded.

This is the third time in a decade that Kenya has tried to impose a plastic bag ban but they are such a visible blight that the ban has widespread support despite the disruption.

that private schools serve the privileged; everyone else, especially the poor, requires public school.

You’ll have to persist and say you want the “small” school to get directions.It was something that I had never imagined, and I immediately began to wonder whether private schools serving the poor could be found in other countries.That question eventually took me to five countries—Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, India, and China—and to dozens of different rural and urban locales, all incredibly poor.In each venue, however, I struck out on my own and visited slums and villages and there found what I was looking for: private schools for the poor, usually in large numbers, if sometimes hidden from view.In the slums of Hyderabad, India, a typical private school would be in a converted house, in a small alleyway behind bustling and noisy streets, or above a shop.

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