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Unhappy with the finished product, he went back to the drawing board and re-released most of the songs in his subsequent albums.Despite being a newcomer, Maan's first official debut album Tu Meri Miss India featuring several popular songs such as Chan Chanani, Raat Guzarlayi, Dil Ta Pagal Hai, Ishq, Kabza and Touch Wood, and in 2003, he wrote and sang for his first film soundtrack Hawayein where he worked alongside reputed Indian playback singers Sukhwinder Singh and Jaspinder Narula.Produced by Indira Movie Tone, Krishna Dev Mehra released his directorial début, Pind Di Kudi, in 1935.The sound film, Pind Di Kudi was produced in Calcutta and released in Lahore and introduced young Noor Jahan as an actor and a playback singer.Dissatisfied with certain scenes and the fate of the film, Maan returned to form in 2008 with Hashar (A Love Story).

Film operations started in the 1920s in Lahore, the provincial capital of British Punjab. Mehta, a former officer with the North-Western Railways who, much like H. Bhatavdekar, had imported a camera into the country.

In 2014, Maan was a winner of four World Music Awards: World's Best Indian Male Artist, World's Best Indian Live Act, World's Best Indian Entertainer and World's Best Indian Album for Talaash: In Search of Soul. Although banned in India, the film was a success overseas.

In 2006, Maan starred in his first Punjabi film as the main lead in Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean.

Kardar, a professional calligraphist, was accompanied by his fellow-artist and friend Muhammad Ismail, who would make the posters for his films. Alongside Ismail, he sold all his belongings to set up a studio and a production company under the name United Players Corporation, in 1928.

Set up at Ravi Road (now Timber Market), the duo hired actors to work with them on their projects.

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