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The human museum is horrible, such as those islands off the coast of Holland where the Dutch retain their national dress.

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Landsberg has had the furniture made of plain wood in the local village.

We motored out to tea at Malcontents, by the new road over the lagoons beside the railway.

Nine years ago Landsberg found Malcontents, though celebrated in every book on Palladio, at the point of ruin, doorless and windowless, a granary of indeterminate farm-produce. The proportions of the great hall and staterooms are a mathematical paean.

Europe could have bid me no fonder farewell than this triumphant affirmation of the European intellect. We drove back through a rainstorm, and I went to bed with an alarm clock.

'It's a mistake to leave civilization,' said Diane, knowing she proved the point by existing. SS ITALIA, 26 AUGUST The moustachio'd and portly gondolier attached to the palace was waiting for me at five.

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