New dating show with rock star

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The wild child has since appeared in a number of reality TV shows. Born on 17 January 1993, Frankie Cocozza is a 24-year-old singer best known for appearing on the 2011 series of The X Factor.There's a lot to take in with the trailer, which is pretty atmospheric: all light shining through misty woodland and men carrying lanterns through murky bayous. Set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective, the game is expected to feature both single-player and online multiplayer components.Get the inside scoop on questions you should be asking your health & wellness vendors.The Brighton native made headlines with his first X Factor audition when he shocked judges by revealing he had the names of seven girls he’d slept with tattooed on his derriere.Making into the live finals, Frankie's performances often came under heavy criticism at times even by his own mentor, Gary Barlow.

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