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Other popular facilities are the Teatrino Lorraine, the arsenal, the stables, the powder magazine, all spaces often used for exhibitions, conferences, and various events.

In recent years, it was also the seat of the Polo Fieristico Fiorentino.

Florence is also famous for its cuisine, a typical dish par excellence is the Fiorentina steak, furthermore la ribollita, Florentine casserole, and liver crostini.

Area: Florence Type: Renaissance fortifications XVI century Address: Piazza Adua, 1 The Fortezza da Basso is located close to the Santa Maria Novella railway station and is surrounded by the ring roads that enclose the city center.

Or watch Leonardo da Vinci testing his devices, see Brunelleschi checking on the construction of the dome, the poet Dante writing his memoirs about the life of the Tuscans, Botticelli painting La Primavera and many other great artists going about their business.

Piazza della Signoria is the heart of Florence is, with the majestic Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most famous and most visited art museums in the world.

It is the largest modern fortification, with next to it the Fortezza Gardens, that hosts numerous conferences, meetings, concerts, clubs and national and international initiatives.

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As well as a refuge to the rulers in case of a revolt.

The Ponte Vecchio, unique in the world, with the characteristic jewelry shops and the impressive Vasari Corridor.

The center of Florence is a paradise for shopping and entertainment.

From the elegant high-end boutiques and historic cafes to the lively traditional outdoor markets, as well as the numerous nightclubs, discos, American bars, lounge bars and places to meet up for an aperitif.

During the year, there are many cultural and folkloristic events.

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