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So, for example, a roll of 2 followed by a roll of 4 would select the letter "j" from the fractionation table below.To generate upper/lower case characters or some symbols a coin flip can be used, heads capital, tails lower case.A variety of methods exist for generating strong, cryptographically secure random passwords.On Unix platforms /dev/random and /dev/urandom are commonly used, either programmatically or in conjunction with a program such as makepasswd.One simple way to do this uses a 6 by 6 table of characters.

According to the ANSI C standard, time returns a value of type time t, which is implementation defined, but most commonly a 32-bit integer containing the current number of seconds since January 1, 1970 (see: Unix time).The language Python includes a System Random class that obtains cryptographic grade random bits from /dev/urandom on a Unix-like system, including Linux and Mac OS X, while on Windows it uses Crypt Gen Random.Yet another method is to use physical devices such as dice to generate the randomness.A password generator can be part of a password manager.When a password policy enforces complex rules, it can be easier to use a password generator based on that set of rules than to manually create passwords.

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